Set with Kitchen Caddy (AirBox®) and Compostable BIOMAT® 10l Bags

No kitchen should be without this combination: The aerated kitchen caddy and the plastic-free organic waste bags with handle ensure hygienic organic waste collection in the kitchen.

Dimensions Airbox®: B260 x T198 x H256 mm
Dimensions Bags: 440 x 500 mm (with handles)
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Airbox® Set: The perfect combination for your kitchen

This package contains a green, ventilated waste bin with lid and two rolls (á 26 pieces) of 10l compostable organic waste bags with/without handles based on corn starch. So it's the perfect combination to hygienically and easily collect organic waste - without creating foul odours.

Why does the organic bucket have so many holes?

The 384 air holes in the walls and lid of the AirBox® in combination with the breathable film of the BIOMAT® organic waste bags give your compost a fresh air cure, because water can evaporate through the membrane of the organic waste bags and the holes of the compost bin, the organic waste thus partially dries out and you can finally breathe easy again in your kitchen. Because the air is clean! This minimises unpleasant odours in your kitchen and you no longer have to feel nauseated before opening the organic bucket. In addition, the perforation in the bucket helps to reduce the weight of the organic waste.

The compost bin can be used either free-standing or mounted - just as you like it! Our bucket is made in Germany, so transport distances are drastically reduced.

Perfectly combinable with the compostable organic waste bags based on corn starch (Mater-Bi) or paper.

Certification you can trust

Many companies claim that their bags are compostable - ours really are! Our organic waste bags and waste sacks, whether 8l, 15l, 30l or 240l, are certified according to EN 13432, which confirms that the products really are compostable. The sprout pictured below confirms this all the more! But that's not all - our organic bags are also certified according to OK Compost Home and these are also made in Germany.

Information on storage and shelf life can be found in our a href="">FAQs.

Contents: 1 AirBox® + 2 rolls of 26 bags (10l, 3 Gallon)
Dimensions Airbox®: W260 x H198 x H256 mm (W10.2" x H7.8" x H10.1")
Bag Size (with handles): 440 x 500 mm (17" x 22")
Colour: green

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