OGH-1004-PF NATURAPACKAGING® multipurpose bag with handle

The compostable fruit and vegetable bag is suitable for food storage and keeps your fruit and vegetables fresh for longer.
Dimensions: 280 + 200 x 550 mm
150 pieces per roll
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Fruit and Vegetable Bag: Miracle Bag with Triple Benefit

The compostable multi-purpose bag is certified according to EN 13432 and is suitable for storing food. The bag keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for longer and thus prevents food waste. The fruit and vegetable bag has several functions at once: you can use it for shopping, of course the bag can be reused, because that is what it was made for. Before the keep-fresh bag gives up its services, you can use it as a bio-waste bag. Of course, it does not contain any genetically modified raw materials!

Usual High Quality

Like all Naturabiomat products, this keep-fresh bag is of the highest quality available on the market. As already mentioned, fruit and vegetables are kept fresh for longer, feel free to store your salad in it, because the bag ensures that the salad leaves are still fresh and crisp even after several days. Made from renewable starch-based raw materials in Germany, only certified water-based inks are used for printing to further protect nature. Not only that, the bags contain recycled material to save raw materials. As already mentioned, the bag can still be used as a bio bag at the end of its days, therefore it is certified according to EN 13432 and OK Compost HOME.

End of the Line Organic Waste Bag

After the bag has been used for shopping and of course reused as often as possible, it still serves as a bio-waste bag for your kitchen. While all plastic bags still contain microplastics, we are of course already one step further, because our fruit and vegetable bags are microplastic-free, so you don't have to worry about polluting the organic waste (or your food fresh from the farmers' market).

Content: 1 roll á 150 pieces
Dimensions: 280 + 200 x 550 mm
Colour: transparent

  • Zertifiziert für den direkten Kontakt mit Lebensmitteln
  • Eignen sich zum Einkaufen, Frischhalten von Lebensmitteln und Sammeln von Bioabfällen
  • Tragkraft von 5 Kilogramm
  • Zertifiziert gemäß DIN EN 13432 und Ok Compost HOME
  • Hinterlässt kein Mikroplastik
  • Entsprechen der österreichischen Gesetzgebung und sind regelkonform mit dem Plastiksackerlverbot
  • Maße: 280 + 200 x 550 mm
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