Natural Lighters - 10 kg

The odourless wood wool lighters can be used as fireplace lighters, stove lighters, barbecue lighters. The burning time is about 10 minutes.
FSC® certified wood wool | Burning time of approx. 10 minutes
Brenndauer von circa 10 Minuten
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One piece of wood wool lighter is enough to start the fire. Whether you use it as a fireplace lighter, stove lighter, barbecue lighter or for a campfire, one is enough to start the fire. The natural and environmentally friendly wood wool kindling burns immediately, flames up intensively and has a long burning time of about 10 minutes.

Thanks to the natural wood wool and the natural wax, the wood lighter also burns odourless and toxin-free.  

The natural kindling will not only help you start a fire, but also protect the environment. Burning the wood wool produces as much CO2 as a tree absorbed in the course of its life. The natural cycle thus continues.

Each lighter is unique, as the lighters are handmade. The lighters are available in packages of 3 kg and 10 kg.

The wood may darken during storage and turn grey in places - this is nature's signature.

Benefits at a glance:

  • FSC® certified wood wool
  • Burns for about 10 minutes
  • 100% wood wool with natural resin content and soaked in RSPO certified wax
  • Vegan - no animal content and no animal testing (certified by The Vegan Society)
  • Environmentally friendly, clean and odourless
  • Ideal as a stove lighter, fireplace lighter or barbecue lighter
  • Made in Germany

Contents: approx. 10 kg
Length of one lighter: approx. 55 mm
Average weight per piece: approx. 13g -13,6g / piece

  • FSC® zertifizierte Holzwolle
  • Brenndauer von circa 10 Minuten
  • 100% Holzwolle mit natürlichem Harzanteil und in RSPO zertifziertem Wachs getränkt
  • Vegan - ohne tierische Inhalte und ohne Tierversuche (zertifziert von "The Vegan Society)
  • Umweltfreundlich, sauber und geruchlos
  • Ideal als Ofenanzünder, Kaminanzünder oder Grillanzünder
  • Hergestellt in Deutschland
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