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All-Purpose Cleaning Paste - Lemon

cleans, polishes and preserves
Content: 300g
Scent: Lemon
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Cleaning, polishing and preserving at the same time. This all-purpose cleaning paste can be used for a variety of surfaces including all shiny and glossy surfaces (e.g. aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, glass, gold, ceramics, plastics, copper, brass, silver, tin) and thus is suitable for wide range of areas. The special additives prevent steaming up and soiling in the long-run.

By using products from Planet Pure, you are not only getting a clean home but although help to keep the environment clean!

Content: 300g

INGREDIENTS: 5% - 15% : soap, clay, glycerine,  lemon oil, citronellol**, limonene**. 
**constituent of pure essential oil   

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