Organic lighter made from waxed maize spindles

Winter brings cold - the fireplace brings warmth. The new organic lighters made from waxed corn spindles light your fire sustainably and the cycle of corn is closed.
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Can you imagine a lighter that comes from the same chain as your compostable rubbish bags?

We present a completely innovative product: the organic lighters made from grown corn spindles.

Think sustainable

In our view, the raw material plays an important role in the development of sustainable products. That is why we have been developing sustainable products based on raw materials, such as corn, for 25 years. Now BIOMAT® is closing the loop with the new bio kindling made from corn spindles.

What are the corn spindles?

The maize spindle is a part of the maize cob, the heart of the maize, so to speak, i.e. what remains of the maize when you eat the grains. These maize shafts are dried and treated with vegetable oils and waxes. The corn shoots are actually a waste product of the grain maize harvest. This is how waste becomes a sustainable product and how we close the cycle! Corn shoots as kindling instead of waste!

Advantages at a glance:

  • Sustainable raw material, therefore the sizes of the maize spindles can vary
  • Vegan waste product: the corn spindles are a waste product of the grain maize harvest
  • Long burning time approx. 10 minutes
  • Easy to light
  • Ideal for fireplace, stove, barbecue and campfire
  • Burns odourless
  • Packaging 100% compostable
  • Hands stay clean
  • Spindles from Europe and 100% no genetically modified corn
  • No trees have to be felled for these lighters. This means you do without trees to light your barbecue or fireplace
  • Compared to wood wool lighters, 0.74 kg of CO2 are saved per box
  • No palm oil or derivatives

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