Sustainable Toothbrush - Family Pack (6 pcs.)

made of bamboo, vegan
Content: 6 pcs
Firmness: 4x Medium - soft, 2x soft
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Quantity: 4 for adults, 2 for kids
Colour: natural (adults), red (kids)
Hardness: medium-soft (adults) and soft (kids) bristles

Back to nature. With this set the whole family is able to brush their theeth in a sustainable way!

A toothbrush which protects our environment due to the fact that it is manufactured from fast-growing bamboo. Bristles made of Nylon, which are of course free of BPA. All these features will reduce the plastic usage to a minimum.

But   that is not even all: with its soft bristles, the brush removes plaque   efficiently without stressing the gum. With this toothbrush, you clean your teethh without littering our environment.

It is recommended to replace your toothbrush after three months.

  • Gefärbt mit Naturfarben
  • 4 Zahnbürsten für Erwachsene, 2 Zahnbürsten für Kinder
  • Härte: Mittelweich für Erwachsene und Extraweich für Kinder
  • Klimaneutral
  • Ab 3 Jahre
  • Aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen
  • BPA frei, erdölfrei
  • Biologisch abbaubar
  • Aus Moso-Bambus
  • Plastikfreie verspackt
  • 100% vegan